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This wiki project on marginalized children was completed as a capstone project in my Internet Technology course at the Walker School in Marietta, GA. Topics addressed in this project include children marginalized around the globe through disease, warfare, malnutrition, development disorders, lack of education, economics, poverty, and prostitution. We are interested in having other students/schools, especially those in foreign countries, participate with us in reporting on these issues and improving this wiki. If you are interested in using various Web 2.0 tools to cooperate with us on this project, please feel free to contact us.

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Many people believe that child labor and abuse is something of the past, but there could not be more of a false statement. Around the world children are being marginalized, and abused, and forced into labor. Children in Africa are being forced to join the military and kill children and adults alike. Other children are living on the streets because their parents' lives were taken by the AIDS virus. And due to India's class system, young children will live in poverty with no possible way of hope in the future. Children are even forced into prostitution and labor. Childhood deformities and disabilities cause affected children to live in isolation and cause pain and suffering for both them and their families.

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We have created a calendar of events to help you plan to complete this project. On the calendar we have also scheduled online conservations using Elluminate for teachers to get together, talk about the project, voice any questions and concerns, and to help build our community. We will also be offering monthly tutorials on how to use Google Earth. These sessions will be the last Monday of each month at 8 pm EST, excluding holidays. Sessions will be recorded and posted in the session archive on our site. Completion dates provided on the calendar are only suggestions. Schools may enter the project at any time during the year and data may be posted at any time up until May 30th when the project closes for the year.

* Previous project sessions are stored on the "Archives " page of The Networked Learner wiki.

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