Poverty Around the Globe

This page is about how children are marginalized and abandoned around the world because of poverty. In this webpage there will helpful links that will get you motivated to reach out and help others in need. Children who grow up in poverty can not help it, because they have no choice were they were born.

When children grow up with poverty crisis they are basically not children anymore. These children have to do the everyday work of an adult, like finding a place to sleep, finding their own food, and making their own money. Many children around the world are left in poverty, homless, and even without parents.

In poverty children will be malnutritioned, very poor, often hungrey, and much more. Us as individuals do not know what is it like to grow up in these conditions, seeing as we are well off compared to any of these children. Many children around the world will take it for granted that they will wake up tomarrow and they will eat a nice three meals a day, go to school and get educated, wear nice clothes, and go to sleep in a nice warm bed. Many children in poverty will go to sleep and not know that tomarrow they will be able to eat, or get to bed safe.

The United States of America also has the poverty crisis, but it is not as demanding as any of the other contries poverty crisis. In the US the poverty is alot smaller than the poverty in the other countries. In Africa there is a huge poverty issue. There are so many children on the streets because of AIDS and they are living a poverty striken life.

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