Illegal Immigration Issues Around the Globe

Illegal immigration is problematic in the United States because migrants are taking over a lot of job opportunities for unemployed Americans. Migrants also cause confusion amongst Border Control officials because there is a constant flow of migrants coming into the United States. However, on the plus side, all the “cheap jobs” that are available are taken up by migrants. They do these jobs because they get enough money to survive here in the United States. This money is well deserved, because they work hard, diligently, and fast. Many migrants cross the border from their Central American hometowns, not only in search of a better life, but also in search of family members, as is the case in certain books of immigration. In one book, entitled Enrique’s Journey the protagonist, whose name is Enrique and lives in Honduras, crosses several borders in order to go and try to find his mother. She promised him that she would be back soon to pick him up and carry him back across the border. However, several years have gone by and nothing has happened. Many situations like this particular one are the main cause of illegal immigration. The local issue that causes illegal immigration is the need to search for a better life and chase after family members that have gone to cross the border for the same reason. Not only is it family members and the need for an easier lifestyle, but poverty is also a central, local issue for illegal immigration. The goal of this page is to inform readers of all ages about illegal immigration, and even though it may be a headache to the United States Border Control, illegal immigration has a positive side and a negative side. Illegal immigration relates to marginalized children because many illegal immigrants, in fact the majority, immigrate to the United States to live in a better lifestyle (i.e. better housing, food, etc.). This topic has added to my personal knowledge in the way that I did not know that illegal immigration was such a big problem in the world. After reading Enrique’s Journey, I have come to notice that Illegal Immigration is a really big problem in the United States…not for the United States government itself, but for the illegal immigrants involved. It is really terrible that these innocent people have to go through so many problems just to get to the United States and live happily ever after.

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