Included here are the documents that my students and I used in the construction of this wiki project. Students completed this capstone project as part of my Internet Technology course at the Walker School in Marietta, GA. The documents are listed in order, as they were used in the project. Start by reviewing the teacher planning notes. This document discusses how I came up with the project. The directions are fairly general, and could be used to develop wiki projects on other interdisciplinary, multi-cultural project. The next document is a plan book that can be used to schedule times in the computer lab, give homework assignments and keep you on track during the semester. The final document is my syllabus for the course and shows how this project was interwoven into a high-school technology class on the structure and social uses of the Internet. We are interested in having other schools, especially those in foreign countries, participate with us on this project. If you are interested in participating with us in improving this wiki, please feel free to contact me (Mr. Thomas Cooper):

Teacher Planning Notes - Before You Begin

Teacher Plan Book for Web 2.0 Incorporation into a PBL Classroom

Our Lost Children Bibliography

Book Discussion Questions

Brainstorm the Issues

Informed Consent for Interviews

Guidelines for Conducting Interviews

Storyboard Template

Video Rubric

Research Paper Rubric

WIki Rubric

Internet Technology Course Syllabus