Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children Around the Globe

This page is about how children are marginalized and abandoned around the world because of autism and autistic spectrum disorder. I have put up several links below to help you learn more about this disorder and how it has affected lives around the world and how children are marginalized because of this disorder.

Cases of Autism are rising almost exponentially over the past several decades. Today, Autism occurs in 1 of 166 children. Autism causes communication and social impairment. Many people with Autism never speak or even acknowledge another person's presence. Many children with autism are bullied at their schools and become social outcasts. However, people are lucky to be autistic in America. In other countries around the world, people do not even know what autism is. Many countries do not have a special education program designed specifically for autistic children. In African countries people believe children with autism are possessed by an evil spirit and the children often undergo painful rituals in order to get rid of the "evil spirit" that causes the child's autism. However these rituals often make the child's autism become more severe. In South American countries, Autistic children are tied up naked to stakes if they ever show autistic behavior like hand flapping or head banging.

Most scientists are baffled as to where Autism comes from. Some believe that Autism is hereditary. Others think it may be from an accident before birth. More people are blaming children's autism on neglectful parents, especially mothers. Several scientists are not even sure that autism is not a disorder, but a behavioral condition. But Autism causes children and their families to be marginalized around the world. Our goal is to get young teenage viewers to gain more awareness for autism and learn how we are trying to treat it.

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